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You need Kate's Social Media Takeover

We all know Facebook is the place to be, but here are the top reasons why Instagram is just as important;

  • It has 700+ million users per month, 50% of whom use it daily
  • 200 million people watch Instagram Stories every day
  • Nowadays, people are 10 times more likely to ask if they can find you on Instagram, as opposed to Facebook or your company website
  • We spend more time on social media than in our email inbox [Wall Street Journal]
  • Users become used to talking with you, so they come to know, like & trust you, therefore its much easier for them to buy from you
  • Instagram creates more intimacy with users over any other platform as it's more visual than Twitter & more 'wordy' than Pinterest
  • People are more likely to follow friends on Facebook and brands on Instagram, meaning they're on Instagram looking to buy! [Social Media Examiner]
  • Engagement wth brands on Instagram is 10x higher than Facebook, 54x higher than Pinterest and 84x higher than Twitter [TrackMaven]
  • It costs absolutely nothing to promote your business

But Remember, Your Social Media Is Like A Party...

If you want thousands to rock up, you have to tell people about it!

Many people think that if they post great content the masses will come, but it's simply not true. With over 2 billion social media users worldwide and a tricky algorithm to overcome, you need an aggressive strategy if you want to grow your audience faster than the competition.

Plus, let's be honest. 5K, 10k or 50k followers are only 'cool' if they convert into clients (because popularity doesn't pay the bills!) 

This is why I offer a Social Media Takeover which has helped countless businesses and influencer's all over the world grow their followers and income by the 1000's.

Kate brings a lot of passion into marketing your brand and really understands the intricacies of Instagram and Facebook.

Her communication skills are excellent and she is super friendly, flexible and easy to work with. She’s also super organised and made some suggestions that helped to do our social media more efficiently.

It’s hard to find the full package, so if you want your social media accounts to be growing, active and running smoothly, Kate’s social media management is the solution.

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend Kate is because we don’t want to share her!
— Dr William Rahal | Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
An excellent Social Media Manager who always communicated clearly, with an optimistic outlook, delivered great work and far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
— Fernando Gros | Photographer

How The TAKEOVER Works


I Research Your Business, Niche & Industry, & Develop The Best Strategy For You

I will tailor and develop the correct strategy that will optimise growth for your Facebook and Instagram accounts, so you can focus on your business while driving 100’s of organic targeted followers who engage, become fans, leads, & sales. And they really are organic; finally your accounts will target consistently active accounts in your niche by using locations, common interests, hashtags, and your competitor’s followers.

I Post High Quality, Engaging Content 6 Days Per Week

Growing your social media presence means nothing unless you precisely target the right audience.  That's why I take the time to understand your audience and goals and deliver a content strategy that works.


I Will:

✓ Get your profile visible to a new audience in 7 days

✓ Apply the same principals which grew my audience to 9K engaged followers in under 1 year (without buying followers or likes)

✓ Apply the same strategies that allowed 90% of my business to come through Instagram

✓ Position your business as a brand authority in your niche

✓ Turn Instagram into a lead generation machine

 ✓ Grow your audience by 500 to 1000 followers per month

✓ Define your target audience and make the competition irrelevant

✓ Use the 4 types of content you should be sharing for maximum impact and engagement

✓ Hook people in with your Instagram bio

✓ Tweak your hashtags for more visibility

✓ Sell your services without sounding spammy

✓ Write captions that 10x engagement

✓ Provide advice on how you can improve content marketing

✓ Assist with influencer outreach

✓ Explain how you can use live video and Instagram stories to build a deeper relationship with your audience whilst your account grows


I Won't:

✘ Buy followers

✘ Buy likes

✘ Post generic content 5 times a day (I'm all about quality over quantity)


I Also Don't:

✘ Work with just anyone (I only work with businesses I know I can help)

✘ Believe in a 'one size fits all' approach

Kate has an encyclopaedia of knowledge. She really knows her stuff when it comes to social media and marketing. With her help I have been able to grow my works Instagram page, create a new online market space as well as social media presence. With her help I know that I will be making a very big blue ocean with my future ventures!

I can’t thank you enough Kate. You’re golden!
— Dallas Waltham
The best experience with a Social Media Manager so far.
— Bernice Tan

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✓ Become a recognised industry influencer

✓ Make the competition irrelevant

✓ Grow by 500 to 1000 followers every month

✓ Turn popularity into profits

✓ Learn how to turn Instagram into a FREE lead generation machine

✓ Receive tailored advice and feedback on your brand