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i’m kate whillock

A ‘fluff-free’ business coach who helps spiritual, creative and conscious entrepreneurs accelerate success online by creating a stand-out niche and an authentic personal brand.

Because here’s the thing.

A beautifully branded website and a photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower is not going to land you the business of your dreams (take it from a girl who learned that the hard way!)

The long lasting success of your business comes down to just one thing: (and it’s something most coaches will almost never tell you straight off the bat)

It takes 7 seconds to make a good first impression, so you have to make those 7 seconds count.

Discover what makes you different as a coach, consultant or creative, find a niche and build a presence as an authentic influencer in that niche, and guess what?

People actually ‘get you,’ and the rest fits right into place.

So, let’s stop wasting time.

Start your 7 Second Edit and become a genuine, authentic influencer in your field, so you can start doing more of what you were born to do. 

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Since working with Kate and watching her Masterclass my following on Instagram has increased by 250 followers in just one week! Plus I’ve had a steady stream of enquiries to my inbox. Couldn’t be happier.
— Aimee B Aesthetics




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